Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the flavors and meet some neighbors at an incredible neighborhood BBQ, Tuesday July 12th, 4:30-8pm!  Delicious meat will be done to perfection with all the fixings.  A vocal musical concert will follow at 7:00 by a team of 5 students from the AFLBS Bible School in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Stick around for deluxe ice cream sundaes afterward!  It's all free!

Men and Young Men, Fathers and Sons: Sign up for two upcoming events if you haven’t done so yet:  (1) Courageous Breakfast, Saturday, June 4, 8am; and (2) Husbands, Fathers, Sons appreciation dinner, Saturday, June 11, 6pm. The Courageous Breakfast is a special breakfast event for fathers and sons with sneak previews and special encouragement from the new movie coming this September called "Courageous".  The dinner the following weekend is a special event put on by the Women's Ministry to honor and encourage the men among us.  Don't miss either of these special opportunities!

A powerful movie opened a few weeks ago and these next few days may be your last chance to support it in the theaters!  It is called Courageous!  Get ready to see a powerful film!  It is excellently written and delivered, a film that challenges Christians fulfill the responsibilities God has given them and rise to the challenge!  This is one to bring all your friends and family to!  Produced by Sherwood Baptist Church, who also produced Facing the Giants, Fireproof and Flywheel, it is their best yet!  Don't miss the powerful impact of this special presentation!

Read more: Last Chance To Support & See This Movie!

The couples at our recent annual couples’ retreat were tremendously blessed and encouraged through the materials used – the newly released video conference by Family Life Ministries entitled The Art of Marriage.  All are so enthusiastic about the material and convinced of the blessing that it can be to others that we made special plans to set up a Friday evening and Saturday just at the church when we can have another conference for as many couples as possible, both from inside and outside the church.

May 20 and 21 has been identified as the weekend for this!  We have begun taking registrations for this weekend from interested couples – both married and engaged.  A $40 registration fee will enable us to cover the books, plus some food.

Don't miss it!

To see a video intro, click here!

To register, click here!

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