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Welcome to Atonement Free Lutheran Church!

Here are some pictures that the Alaska Mission Team brought back from their time serving at Kako Retreat Center!

Please pray for us as we continue to serve at kids camp in Alaska. This is our last week and we are seeing spiritual warefare. Almost everyone on the team is either sick or injured, we are all really tired and this week we are working with the Jr. high kids which are more difficult.  Please pray that we would be ever loving, patient, that we would not get discouraged, and for renewed strength! Pray for these kids. They come from the worst backgrounds and even we don't know what has happened to them. Our team has never had to deal with the things that these kids have been through, and we are the only Jesus that these kids will most likely ever see. Pray that God would work in their hearts and win the spriritual battles they are oppressed by.  We are doing what we can with God's help, and have so little time left.  Please pray for us!

meaganicon1.jpgHello Everyone,

We all arrived safely here at Kako yesterday afternoon. It has been neat getting to know everyone here start preparing for camp this week.

Due to limited internet/email time we will be updating as often as possible.

Thanks so much for your prayers as we minister to the hearts and lives of all the kids coming to camp the next two weeks. We are all looking forward to seeing God's hand moving mightily in the lives of all the kids and staff here, learning new life lessons, and gaining a new perspective of how big our God is.

To God be the Glory!

Meagan for the team


Prayer Requests:

  • Flexibility in dealing with preconceived expectations
  • Unity among not only our team but the rest of the staff here
  • Sensitivity and awareness of how God is working and aligning ourselves with Him
  • Good health and strength for the week (some staff here are coming down with colds etc.)
  • Our lives would be an expression of God's love to the kids and that they would see and understand what a relationship with God looks like (for some we will be the only example of Christ in their lives)
  • For open hearts in the kids and wisdom as we spend time and invest  into their lives


meaganicon1.jpgHello Everyone,

A few prayer requests for today...

-  Tonight we are sharing the gospel and working on wordless book bracelets. Pray that the kids would be free from distractions and that they would really be able to hear the truth.

-  Today is our hike up the mountain. Pray for safety and no injuries and quality time with the kids

-  The mosquitoes are kind if bad right now and  it is an annoyance. Pray that we will have grace to deal with them and that the bites we have will heal quickly


Meagan for the team


I SURVIVED!!!!!! Actually today was a wonderful day. We got here in Alaska with no problems, and all of us are trying to survive till dinner is over so that way we can go to sleep. I think we all are in zombie mode..Or at least all of us girls are. We all left the church this morning around 5.15 for the airport. We got all checked in, then went through security to get to our gate. Of course Lacey, Sheila, and I had to stop at Starbucks before we sat down to wait for the plane =] so that was eventful! I got called dangerous though as I was looking for our gate because we were having problems finding c11. When I found it I waved to the group behind me and almost ran over someone… He in return remarked to his wife very seriously that I looked like a dangerous person. Granted I hadn’t had my coffee yet..but I don’t think he knew that. (hehe...)
We arrived in Bethel on time and from Bethel had a short plane ride that took about a half hour long to Kako. I have to say I am now hooked on small planes! For the first time in my life I got to fly a small cargo plane! It was very exciting for me and I am really happy the pilot showed me how to fly it. I don’t think I will every forget the experience! Here is the kind of plane it is and what it looks like. 292768_1980_Cessna_182_RG_Skylane.jpg

Alaska looks like Washington but It has a barrenness to it that’s intriguing. There is water everywhere...Ponds, lakes, streams, and rivers. All of those just run through the land. As we flew to the camp we basically went over a huge marsh or bog and then passed over a part of the Yukon river. We were between 1000-2000 feet the entire ride so it was wonderful to see more of a close up of the land which does not happen usually in a huge jet=] The longer I am here the more I am happy that I had no presuppositions about the camp before we got here. They have an abundance of people here so there are not things to do for any of us until tomorrow night or Monday. Granted I don’t think many of us are in a good enough shape to do much work tonight because we all are running on around 3-31/2 hours of sleep.
I do have to admit that the mosquito’s are amazing… I have never seen anything quite like it and after looking at those suckers it makes you want to soak yourself in Deet so they stay away. While we are here we are going to try out as many “old wives tales” as possible for how to keep mosquito's away from you. We have tee tree oil, dryer sheets to stick in our pockets, peppermint oil, and I am sure there will be more things I find out the longer I am here.
I think that is about it but I wanted to say thank you again for all your prayers. Please pray that my team and I would all be able to be at peace with whatever the camp or the Lord wants us to do here. Apparently the average sleep a counselor gets a night is 3-4 hours of sleep so I know I will be only surviving through the Lord’s strength next week if that’s where he places me. I know while I am here I want there to be nothing between the Lord changing me to be more like Him so please pray for me to keep that on my mind as i go throughout my day.

Ariell Eneix

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